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Lori is our Sunday School Coordinator at NWBUC. Lori thoroughly enjoys working with children and youth, creating a welcoming space for all age groups.

Through a fun and meaningful program, she and the volunteer teachers at our church help our young people explore what means to be a community of faith and the unique gifts they each contribute. Lori loves music, dance, drama, arts and crafts, games and sports.

She is involved in the music program at Northwest and other programs within the church. Lori loves to write and direct plays, write curriculum, songs, and short stories. Lori enjoys collaborating with others and values new ideas and talents others can bring and would like to share.

She loves to get children and youth active in new projects and in worship whenever possible. Lori has been involved in the programming at our church for the past 10 years and values the community of Northwest as a wonderful and unique place where people are respected and valued for who they are and where we share the exciting role of caring for each other and for the world. Lori is a Presbyterian minister who also works within the community in chaplaincy and grief support.

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