Catherine Delenardo

Catherine is NWBUC’s office administrator.  She is one of 11 children; most adopted nationally and internationally, and spent her formative years living in New Brunswick on a farm with her “back to the lander” parents.  She graduated from York University with a Master’s degree in Clinical-Developmental Psychology and has spent much of her career doing both research and clinical work with children; however, she loves interacting with people of all ages.  Catherine first attended NWBUC with her then preschool aged son after a talk with friends in New Brunswick whose minister had just moved to Barrie (you guessed it; this was current minister Phil Dallimore).  She instantly felt a connection with the warm, open, inviting community at NWBUC and never left.  A now long-time member of NWBUC, Catherine made the switch to office administration work at the church in March 2020 at the start of the global pandemic.  The daughter of a retired Anglican minister, Catherine enjoys not only the administrative parts of the job, but also the opportunities to connect with members of the congregation.  

Catherine comes from a musical family and sings in the choir at NWBUC as well as with a small women’s group in Barrie.  In her free time, Catherine bakes and decorates cookies and has enjoyed sharing this skill with children, youth and adult groups in the congregation. She also loves to travel, and heads back to the East Coast each summer with her son to spend time with family and friends.