One of the few things we can do during this lockdown is exercise.  So I have been. A lot.  Usually in the form of walking through the trails in the forest.  What I love about the forest is that the same trail can reveal something different each time I am on it. 

The sun’s rays can highlight a flower or a bud missed the day before. 

A bike can churn up the soil just enough to uncover an oddly shaped rock that I had walked over previously. 

But the biggest changes from day to day, comes as a result of the birds and animals living out their lives around me.   At least every few days, the forest introduces me to one of its more elusive inhabitants.  Yesterday the most magnificent pillated woodpecker landed on a tree not 10 feet away from me.  It was only later that I found out how rare it is to see such a bird. What I do when I see these creatures, is I take out my phone and look up what they represent.  I discovered, for example, that if you see a woodpecker it means, “an opportunity to start fresh is coming your way, watch for an open door and walk through it.”.  Interesting. 

A few weeks ago I saw an owl, so I looked it up and it said, “owl’s represent wisdom, to see an owl means that you will face a challenge in your life, that will require wisdom and insight.”. Interesting. 

This has become a bit of a hobby.  Here are some of my other discoveries based on creatures I have seen:

Bunny – “a symbol of good luck and fertility” (oh dear!)”. 

Deer – “You have too much stress.  You need to slow down and live in the moment”. 

Snake – “Be careful of someone in your life right now who is not a good influence”. 

Butterfly – “your life is going to change. Be prepared.”

So if I put all these animals symbols together, it sculpts an interesting future for me; one of change, transition, caution and courage.  And it sounds like another baby is on the way.  I’m skeptical of that last one.  But I’ll continue my hikes and see what other messages the forest wishes to reveal.   

Note:  I discovered that if you see a bear it means that you have the courage to be a great leader.  I’m not sure I’ll look very courageous running away. 

“When the world is too much with me, I head out to the magic forest to listen to the silence that is not silent at all.” – William Wordsworth