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Visitor Information


Visitor information

We’re so glad you’re thinking of coming to Northwest Barrie United Church.  We are a welcoming community and understand that it can be a challenge walking into a church for the first time. To help ease any worries, we’ve put together some quick points about what you can expect on a typical Sunday morning.

,What is Northwest Barrie United Church all about?

  • We are a lively, fun, inspiring, welcoming and accepting community.
  • We are an Affirming Church. 

Getting to Northwest Barrie United Church

  • We are located in Barrie’s northwest end of the city. Click here for directions or using Google Map 464 Ferndale Drive North, Barrie. 
  • Parking is available in our rear parking lot, or along the side of Horsefield Road. Those with mobility challenges are invited to park in the front parking lot.
  • There will be a volunteer at the door to greet you and provide assistance if required. Feel free to ask questions if you’re not sure as to what to do.

Once you’re in the doors, what do you do now?

  • Once inside the church you can hang your coat up or keep it with you. It’s up to you.
  • The service will be displayed up on the screen.  
  • Hearing devices are available for use.
  • The service starts at 10:25am. You are welcome to sit anywhere in the church.
  • The hour long service is a mixture of traditional and contemporary hymns (which are displayed on the screen), prayers and story time for the kids, offering, bible reading, and a message (sermon).
  • During a service there’s some of standing for hymns and prayers. If you’re unsure what to do, just watch the choir on the stage and follow their lead. If you have mobility challenges it’s perfectly fine to stay seated.

There is no dress code!

  • People dress in everything from jeans to dresses/suits. We want you to be comfortable and feel welcome.

We love babies, toddlers and children at Northwest.  Children are the life of the church!

0 – 3 yrs (JK)

  • We have a nursery that is open after the choir sings. It is for children who are 3 years and under. It is supervised by adult and youth volunteers. Parents will be given a pager in case your child needs your attention while you are in the service.
  • For children who feel more comfortable staying with their parent we have a “Quiet Area” where your child can play while you watch and listen to the service. This room is available as needed.

JK to Grade 12

  • After the Children’s Time, the children are invited to go to a special program just for them. If your children would prefer to stay with you in the church for the first few Sundays, that is just fine.  To learn more about children’s program check out our Sunday School

Following the service, community refreshment and treat time

  • After the service, we invite you to join us for refreshments in the Hall. We serve tea, coffee, juice, and goodies.  There is no fee for this.
  • On your way out, please take a moment to say hello to Rev. Phil, I know he would like to meet you.

Get connected and stay connected!

  • If you would like to sign up for our weekly online newsletter or would like more information about the church, please email the office at

Remember that everyone around you was new at one time!!  Just come and enjoy the experience and we hope you will return again.


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Mon - Fri
9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.
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Sunday School 10:45 AM

464 Ferndale Drive North,
Barrie, ON
L4N 7X6

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