Music at Northwest

At NWBUC music accompanies the church’s progressive theology with themes that celebrate diversity and togetherness, that bring joy and express love, and keeps the focus on hope while embracing challenge and change. Inclusivity, encouragement and fellowship are at the core of NWBUC’s expression of faith through music. 

The church’s congregation are the main choristers and there are groups of dedicated individuals from within the NWBUC community that lead, provide and accompany music during Sunday services and church events. Please follow the links provided to find out more about these groups and how to become involved!

The NWBUC Adult choir

The adult choir of NWBUC is the main choral ensemble. We are 30 voices strong, and our repertoire spread into many genres. 

The NWBUC Youth ensemble

The Youth ensemble of NWBUC consists of singers 12 and up. From intergenerational Sundays, to Christmas pageants, the Youth ensemble is a core part of the youth program.

The NWBUC Children’s choir

Children’s choir at North West is for kids under 12. We use fun music to spread North West values out into the lives of everyone around us.

The NWBUC Percussion Collective

The NWBUC Band Project