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Hiring: Music Director Position


The Music Director is part of the ministry team at Northwest Barrie United Church.

To have a healthy ministry at Northwest Barrie, all members and affiliates need to be aware of the role and tasks of the Staff, in this case, the Music Director.

Reporting Relationships

  • The Music Director is considered a Staff member of Northwest Barrie United Church and is accountable to the Unified Board through the Ministry and Personnel Team (M & P).
  • By virtue of the position and involvement in the worship experience at Northwest Barrie United Church, the Music Director is a member of the Worship Team.
  • The Music Team is a sub-team of the Worship Team and is there to assist the Music Director in preparing and presenting music for worship and for the enjoyment of the Northwest Barrie community.

The Music Director

  • is responsible for providing music in worship services (playing piano, assisting with youth music programs and related practices etc.)
  • keeps in mind the unique music competencies of the whole congregation: those who have instrumental competencies, choirs, individuals, children, youth and young adults, and the kind of music ministry that best expresses the faith in our congregation.
  • encourages creativity and a music ministry that is alive and inviting.
  • ensures all music selected is inclusive of people, reflects the many natures of God, and is consistent with the theology of both the United Church of Canada and the congregation of Northwest Barrie United Church.


  • The Music Director, in consultation with the Choir Director and Minister, will coordinate the total music ministry for the congregation, keeping in mind the ministries of Word, Sacrament, Pastoral Care, Story, and Prayer. They will correspond weekly through e-mail and/or phone calls to finalize the plan for each service and meet face to face at least once per month to plan services.
  • The Music Director will work with the Choir Director to provide ongoing leadership for children and youth music ministry. We see this as taking the form of the following:
    • a) Providing accompaniment for a children’s choir when they perform as part of a service.
    • b) Providing recorded accompaniment, when requested with at least one week’s notice, for the choir director to use in rehearsal.
    • c) Leadership for some form of youth involvement in the music of the church, whether instrumental or vocal, and which could be presented on special occasions. This could be done in conjunction with other leaders in the church.
  • The Music Director will attend adult choir rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to provide accompaniment for the choir, under the direction of the Choir Director. There are generally 40 such rehearsals a year,
    running from September to June.
  • Additional Music – The Music Director will work towards a goal of coordinating special music at regular intervals throughout the church year, which may not necessarily require accompaniment from the Music Director. For example, an offertory solo once per month which would draw upon the musical talents from within the congregation and/or choir. The Music Director is also responsible for providing weekly music for the Prelude and Postlude, and occasional music for
    baptisms and slideshows.
  • Special Music—Throughout the year (September-June), the Music Director will plan and prepare for special music once a month when the choir does not have an anthem. For example, the Music Director may choose to involve some musical talent from the congregation. This will also be the Music Director’s responsibility during the summer months.
  • Licensing—The Music Director will research and confirm licensing on hymns and other music used in worship, including the logging of music used during the service as required for reporting to licensing agencies.
  • For special services, there will be a collaboration of efforts with the Choir Director, Worship Team and the Minister, always seeking to provide a full worship experience for all.
    • Good Friday
      • In addition to planning the service with the Minister, accompaniment for a choir anthem may be required.
    • Christmas Comfort Service
      • Usually the second Sunday of December in the evening. This will include accompanying a choir anthem as well as a piece with vocal soloist.
    • Christmas Eve
      • The 6:30 p.m. service: The Music Director will work with other staff and volunteers ahead of time to prepare for the pageant. In addition, accompaniment for two anthems may be required.
      • The 10:30 p.m. Christmas Communion service: This will include accompanying a choir anthem as well as a piece with vocal soloist.
    • Spring Melodies
      • Church fundraiser, usually held the first Saturday in June.
      • involves working with the Music Team to plan the event
      • additional rehearsals, as required, to prepare and/or accompany some of the performances.
  • If the Music Director is not able to be present for a particular Sunday, the Music Director will be responsible for notifying M & P and the Worship Team/Board Executive will be responsible for finding a replacement. An honorarium, as determined by the Fee schedule, will be paid to the replacement by the Office Administrative Assistant.
  • Approximately six weddings/funerals throughout the year take place at NWBUC.
    • These services are above and beyond the regular responsibilities of the Music Director. The Music Director will have first offer to play at these services. If the Music Director is unavailable, other accompanists will be sought.
    • The Music Director will receive an honorarium that is determined by the schedule “Accommodation Usage and Staff Rates” “F#14”.


  • The Music Director will receive an annual salary for services provided, and this will be paid monthly. This will be reviewed annually by the Ministry and Personnel Team.
  • The Music Director will receive two weeks’ holiday per year.
  • Northwest Barrie United Church shall underwrite the cost of music required for the music ministry. With the help of the Music Director and the Choir Director, an annual budget line for Music will be provided for the Worship Team.

Other Information

  • Because music ministry involves working with children, the Music Director is required to have a Vulnerable Sector Screening. Northwest Barrie United Church will pay the fee for this service.
  • If there needs to be a renegotiation of these roles and tasks, it may be initiated by the Music Director and/or the Worship Team, or the Ministry and Personnel Team.
  • The Music Ministry covenant will be reviewed annually by the Ministry and Personnel Team with a report given to the Unified Board.
  • The Music Director will keep a log, outlining the hours devoted to each aspect of their work. This log is meant to be a guide, not a time sheet. It will be helpful when assessing where time may need to be re-allocated to more essential activities, or where additional time may need to be given to the position to meet growing needs.


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