May 7th – “Something And Nothing”

Given my blog was so long yesterday, a shorter one today seems in order. Today was a beautiful day. It was also a very quiet and unremarkable day. I went for a run. I went for a walk with the dog. I visited with a friend. I sat in the backyard and read. Today was a day to enjoy the “sabbat” part of my sabbatical (rest!).

For many of us, who are so busy, and so preoccupied, days like today are hard to find. When they come along, they are a treat and a treasure. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to have these kinds of days. We can feel guilty when the time ON our hands, is greater than the tasks AT hand. What does that say about what we perceive is of greatest value in our modern world? But when we let go of the guilt, and allow ourselves to enjoy these kinds of days, we discover that they have a value all of their own.

Let me share an awesome quote that captures this day for me:

“A pause gives you
breathing space
to listen
to the whispers
of the real you
waiting to happen.” ― Tara Estacaan

I give thanks today for “nothing”. Because nothing can be at times be something.