May 4 – Horse Names

It’s Kentucky Derby weekend. For a lot of people this weekend is a big deal. Not so much for me. In fact, I can’t say I’ve ever watched it before. Between hockey, basketball and soccer, my sports watching plate is pretty full. I’m not sure there’s space to add another one. But this afternoon I turned on the TV and they were showing one of the preliminary races. So I watched it.

What’s with the names of the horses? This race featured horses called “Always Dreaming”, “Backyard Heaven”, and “Good Samaritan”. Clearly, the horses have no say in what they are called, and are probably quite embarrassed to have such unusual names. If I was a horse, I think I would rather be called Harry than Backyard Heaven. How do the owners of these horses come up with their names? Was “Good Samaritan” named based on his empathy towards others horses? What about “Always Dreaming”?  Did he have a tendency to recline under a tree deep in thought, while his fellow horses were doing normal horse stuff?

If I owned a race horse I would name it “These Horses Would Prefer To Be Running Free In A Field Somewhere”. Imagine the reaction every time the announcer said the name of my horse. Horses everywhere would love me.

Imagine if people who owned horses were given the task of naming people based on their observations. We would have names like, “Eats Noisily”, or “Writes With Her Left Hand” or “Is Cheap With Money”. What would your Horse name be? I think mine would be, “Is Running Out Of Blog Ideas”.

Sorry, I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Enjoy the Kentucky Derby. I wonder who will win? Who knows, but my money would be on, “Runs Faster Than The Other Horses”.