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Blog May 31st – “Lessons Of The Road”


Being in a car all day, driving for hours at a time, alone and far from all that is familiar, offers its unique life lessons.   After four days in the car, travelling North or Superior, here are some things I learned:


  1. Those whom you pass, will eventually pass you.  The road is a great equalizer.

  2. When country music is the only thing on the radio, it suddenly becomes, “not-so-bad”.

  3. God didn’t design people over 45 to sit still in the same position for hours.

  4. There are a lot of roads with funny names in Ontario.  My favourite was “Barely A Road”. 

  5. If a country store is offering homemade baking, BUY IT & TRY IT!!!!

  6. Like death and taxes, road construction is a summer certainty that cannot be avoided. 

  7. When you’re feeling lonely, it helps to talk out loud to yourself. 

  8. Lake Superior makes Lake Ontario look like a puddle.

  9. Nothing makes remote places feel less intimidating than a Tim Horton’s. 

  10. Everyone knows someone who lives in Barrie

  11. Tailgating is like arguing about politics, it doesn’t get you anywhere, it just annoys those around you. 

  12. Trees grow on trees in this country.

  13. The sports report on small town radio stations include which teams are playing softball that night in the local park. 

  14. If you don’t have time to stop and take in a beautiful view, you’re not doing it right!

  15. For every up there is a down and for every down there is an up. Hang in there, you don’t stay in the valley forever.

  16. Drink at least two inches of your coffee before you put it in your cup-holder.

  17. Memorize your license plate number, every hotel wants to know it.      

  18. Turn off the radio for a bit and take note of what thoughts are going through your head.  You might be amused/surprised/shocked/inspired. 

  19. When you go to a full service gas station, make sure you say “fill-er-up!” to the attendant.  It makes you feel good.    

  20. Try not to get frustrated when people pass you.  They’re on their journey, and you’re on yours.  Enjoy your own!!!! 


No doubt there are many, many more.  It was great to spend a few days driving, thinking, planning, relaxing, and enjoying what a remarkable land we all call home. 


Check in again on my Sunday for my first post from the far north!!