May 27th – “The Soo”


I left Barrie at 8:30am and arrived in Sault Ste. Marie at 2:15pm.  That included driving non-stop to Sudbury which was a challenge not only of the mind but of the bladder.  The drive was good.  I waved to the Hunt family when I passed the Pickerel River (even though I’m pretty sure they’re in Barrie this weekend), and passed through many tiny but intriguing villages (see Facebook post J ).


The reason I drove so quickly was because I wanted to get to the Bushplane Museum before it closed, which I knew was at 4pm.  I got to the Museum, and then things started to deteriorate.  The woman at the counter asked me if I was 55+ so I could get the senior’s discount.  For Pete sakes!!  I’ve never been asked that in my life.  So I said “yes” and took the $3 discount.  I don’t think of it as lying, just getting justice for being insulted (don’t worry, I put the extra $3 in a donation bin halfway around the museum.) 


The first thing I came to at the museum was a hands-on display all about eye-sight.  Pilots have to have perfect vision, so this allowed you see if you had good enough eyesight to be a pilot.  I discovered that I have a hard time distinguishing between green and blue and red.  I never knew this.  No wonder my family is always trying to dress me.  I didn’t do any better at the vision chart.  I couldn’t read the bottom three lines from a designated spot about 10 feet from the chart. Sigh.  So now I was feeling like I was 55+. 


The museum itself was really interesting.  When I come back I’m going to invite the lady at the front counter to take the vision test. 


After that, I took a long walk along the path down by the water.  There are a lot of geese in the Soo.  Like, A LOT.  So there was goose “you-know-what” all along the trail. I thought about taking a picture and posting it as “poo in the Soo”, but I figured that no one but me and possibly my 13 year son would think that’s funny. 


I like the Soo, but it’s so quiet.  There’s no one around.  You’ve heard of the song, “Sudbury Saturday Night”.  I experienced “Soo Sunday Night”.  Trust me, there’s no one singing a song about that.


But I also learned some neat things. For example, Sault Ste. Marie’s most famous citizen is the astronaut Robert Bondar. I did not know that.  And I think the fanciest building in Sault Ste. Marie (at least from what I saw) is the OLG Lottery Headquarters.  Think about that the next time you buy a ticket.  J 


 Off to Thunder Bay tomorrow.  I’m not sure what awaits me there, but I hear there’s a Sleeping Giant. Cool.