Frontpage Welcome Message

I am glad you stopped by to check out our church.
Whether you are new to Barrie, just visiting, or looking for a place you feel at home, we would be pleased to welcome you.
Northwest Barrie U.C. is a unique kind of church.
We believe that a life of faith should be an adventure of discovery, curiosity, inspiration and personal growth.
We are a dynamic, forward-thinking and affirming church that welcomes everyone just as they are!!
We provide learning opportunities, social events, and our children and youth programs are thriving and exciting.
And we are committed to outreach and justice, doing what we can to help make Barrie, Canada and our world, a little bit brighter.
Come and join us on a Sunday morning, and experience for yourself the positive energy and excitement of NWBUC!!

Phil’s Sabbatical Blog “Passing Time”

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