Today as I walked home from the church for lunch, I saw the surest sign that spring is here to stay.  Not a robin, or a dandelion or someone running in shorts, but I saw the street sweeper cleaning up all the dirt, silt and sand at the sides of the road, left there by the snow plows.  Every year that signals to me that winter is behind us.

When I was a kid my mother taught me that there are two ways a house can be clean. She called it “company clean” and “corner clean”.  Company clean is where you throw stuff behind closed doors and into corners so the house has the illusion of looking clean.  Corner clean, on the other hand, is where you get into the nooks and crannies and really make it clean. 

Snow plows company clean.  Street sweepers corner clean. 

In the Bible Jesus once said, “why do you clean only the outside of the cup, when it is the inside that is really dirty?  Clean the inside of the cup first”.  Jesus was a “corner clean” kind of guy.

So after lunch, I went back to the office and reviewed my emails from the past few months.  Sure enough there was a handful that I had neglected to respond to, for a variety of reasons.  So I took an hour and responded to them. I corner cleaned.  And it felt good,

Spring is here!!