April 25th – “Spiritual Sports”


Some ancients believed that in the confluence or convergence of three significant events, a doorway could be open to experience the divine.  Tonight, the doorway to the divine opens over the city of Toronto.  From the hours of about 8pm-11:30pm, three professional Toronto sports teams will be playing pivotal games, simultaneously.  The Raptors, TFC and the Leafs will put everything on the line to win playoff glory for their athletes and their fans.      


Tonight is Nirvana for the sports enthusiast whose heart’s home is Hogtown


I will of course be tuned into the Leaf game, but commercial breaks will find me flipping between basketball and soccer.  What a night lies ahead!!


I’m an unabashed sport’s fan, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle at times with the injustice of it all.  The idea of grown men and women being paid millions of dollars to play a game, while legions struggle to put food on their table, gnaws at me. 


Nevertheless, something about sports captures the imagination of people around the world like nothing else.  Even in places of political turmoil and societal unrest, sports are played, and watched and enjoyed.  They can be a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom of life, and something around which to rally when life seems arbitrary and disjointed. 


In 2016 The Vatican launched an initiative entitled “Sports At The Service of Humanity”, during which Pope Francis invited people to “challenge themselves in faith as they challenge themselves in sport”.  He went on to list six virtues that can be taught through sports: joy, compassion, respect, love, balance and enlightenment.


Okay, enough preaching, time to enjoy this very special evening.  I’m not sure that the door to the divine will open tonight, but if the Leaf’s win game seven, a little bit of heaven will break loose in this home!!


Go Leafs Go.  Go Raptors Go.  Go TFC Go!!!!!