April 24th – “Garage – Part 2”

Four hours and two trips to the dump later, the garage is all clean!!  I’m so proud of how it looks I’m keeping both doors open so people passing by can also feel proud that they have such a clean and tidy neighbour. 

However, lest I get carried away with my own awesomeness, I’m aware of another emotion at play.  Fear.  In the past, every time I have cleaned out the garage, I have made a pile of the items I want to take to the dump.  Lori then comes out to review the pile, and returns about half of it to the shelves.  This time, for the first time ever, Lori is away.  She didn’t get to review the pile.  I know what you’re thinking, “Phil, are you insane?”  I think I might be.  The question is, when she looks in the garage and see’s what a work of art it is will she say, “that looks soooooooo wonderful, you have a true gift for spatial awareness”, or will she say, “looks good.  Where’s _____?”

 Yeah, I guessed the second one too.      

I’m not sure that there is a point to be made about this except to point out that forgiveness and understanding are the keys to every good relationship.  Or course, others might say that communication and respect for one’s  property are also keys, but those people should keep their thoughts to themselves. 

In two hours, Lori will return, and there will be a verdict.  Until then, I’m going to get a coffee, sit in a lawn chair in my garage, and feel good about myself.  Actually I can’t do that, I threw out the lawn chairs.  They were old.  Seriously, they were old, really old, dump-worthy old, no matter what Lori may say.