April 22nd – “Parenting 101″

My wife Lori left today for a three day Conference in Toronto.  Every time she leaves I am reacquainted with the act of parenting.  It’s not that I’m a deadbeat dad, far from it, but so many of the parenting duties in our home fall on Lori’s shoulders.  When it comes to the kids, she tends to be the chief cheerleader, judge, counsellor, motivator, problem-solver, tear wiper-away-er, and the list goes on.  And I am grateful to her for all that she does. 

Now, I haven’t neglected all of my duties.  I have over the years, been slowly compiling a list of “Dad’s Two-Cents”.  This is a list of nuggets of wisdom I want my kids to know, that may (or may not) be of use to them in the future.  I won’t share them all, but here are just a few:

  1. Always tip well.

  2. Never buy a cheap BBQ.

  3. Don’t order more than $20 worth of food in a drive-thru (it’s disrespectful to the cars behind you).  

  4. Make sure you never have bad breath, it’s totally gross.

  5. If you have a little money to give to someone who is down on their luck, give it to them, and it’s none of your business how they spend it. 

  6. The best camera is your memory

  7. Try not to beep your horn at another driver, it can ruin their day.

  8. Always hold a door open for someone.

  9. Don’t believe a salesclerk over the phone who says they looked to see if your item is in stock. They didn’t.  (See point 12. Sorry.  L) 

  10. The best part of the day happens before 9am.

  11. Don’t call someone who is running a “jogger”. Call them a runner.

  12. Never, ever say “have a good one”, say, “have a good day”.

  13. Be nice. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!

  14. Wandering around Chapters or Canadian Tire is good for your soul. 

  15. Don’t pronounce “library” like it’s a fruit.

  16. Why make a salad when you can buy one in a bag?

  17. You can never go wrong with orange flavoured chocolate

  18. Don’t take yourself too seriously, ever.

My list is not exactly Dr. Spock approved, but hopefully at least one point may stick with them, and I will feel like I have done my part in moulding them into decent adults. 

Guess what’s for dinner tonight?  Something from “Skip The Dishes”!!    

P.S.  I wonder what you would add to this list?  I’d love to know.  J