April 16th – “Snowbound”

On my list of Sabbatical Goals, “digging out from a mid-April snowstorm” is not there. Still, if this is a price we pay to live in this country, I’ll gladly pony up, with only minimal complaining (but complaining nonetheless, I mean COME ON, it’s mid-April!!). Seeing as this is a sabbatical and I am committed to learning, I would like to share a few things I learned from this experience:

  1. April is Latin for “gotcha!!”
  2. The parking lot at Bradford Greenhouses looks HUGE with no cars in it.
  3. The Weather Network employs smart people.
  4. Ministers know just as many bad words as everyone else.
  5. Ice is pretty when it encases tree branches.
  6. Even when you gun your engine, there are some snowbanks that are impassable in your car.
  7. Neighbours who push you out of a snowbank are a true blessing (thanks Pierce!).
  8. The birds of spring still sing to greet the dawn.
  9. The employees at Tim Horton’s laugh at you behind your back when your window is frozen shut in the drive-thru and you have to open your door to get your order.
  10. The Leafs still in the playoffs, so life could be worse.

That’s it. More shovelling to do. Happy Monday. Happy Spring.

P.S. The weather forecast for Dawson City today is 6 degrees and sunny. Just sayin’.