April 11th – “The Jean-Gene”

Today I bought a pair of jeans. I know what you’re thinking; “how is this a big deal?” For me it’s a huge deal. I take size 33/34 in jeans. They are hard to find. Every trip to the jean section of a store is like a game of “Where’s Waldo”, but way less fun. But sometimes I get lucky, as I did today. Yay, Moore’s!!

As I was purchasing my jeans I was thinking that jeans are as close to a global uniform as we have. Everyone, everywhere, wears them! It doesn’t matter whether you are a kangaroo farmer in the Australian Outback, a cheese maker in downtown Baghdad, a bean counter in Brooklyn or a geyser enthusiast in Reykjavik, chances are you own a pair of jeans. Chances you own several pairs of jeans. What does that say about humanity? It says that regardless of race, religion, gender, colour or creed, we all like wearing comfortable pants that make us look good!! If we have that in common, what else do we have in common?   Let’s take a look under those jeans (figuratively, people).

I’m guessing we all have a desire to live in peace.

We all want to live a meaningful life.

We all want the best for those we love.

We all want to pursue life in a way that makes us glad that we were born.

We all want to smile more than frown, laugh more than cry, and end the day confident that we will see the next one.

If we all want the same things, how come it seems like all we can agree on is what we pull on our legs in the morning?

I’m going to coin a new phrase, “the jean-gene”. We all have it. The jean-gene is the innate human desire for the same things – peace, freedom, justice.  Consider it a global uniform of thought. Now imagine if the leaders of our world could just make a little more of an effort in organizing things so that we could all fit nicely into our “genes”. If I had the time and money, I would take a week from my sabbatical to go to the UN armed with my jean-gene idea, and wearing my new 33/34’s!!